Suzi Quatro (suzamafooz19) wrote in collegegirlz,
Suzi Quatro

I am a College Girl.

First Name: Susie
Age: 20 (21 in January)
College: University of Montevallo
Year in school: junior
Major: English
Minor: Psychology....and maybe German if my credits will transfer
Extra Curriculars: choir, College Night, UM's gay/stright alliance (SAFE), Montevallo Honors Organization (MHO...or MmmmHo)
Home town: Jacksonville, Alabama (though I'm originally from Morrisville, New York)
Favorite College Story: story? Like a story about college or a story from college? Either way, I'll have to think about it.
Who is your favorite teacher/prof and why: Dr. Kate Koppelman (whose name is a double dactyl, for all of you nerdy English majors). I love taking her class because everybody's opinion or reading of a text is valued, whether or not she agrees with it. She is challenging. She is never boring. She loves what she does. Her concentration was Old and Middle English literature, and she speaks it almost fluently (and reads Beowulf in its original well as the Canturberry Tales). She is tough but fair. Plus, she's adorable, a style icon, a giant Star Trek fan, and so cool to sit down a have a cup of coffee with. She is by far the most awesome professor I've had ever.
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