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Personal Study Activities

Preparation for a test begins with systematic personal study. After you have taken class notes and completed all reading assignments it is important to organize your study into effective blocks of time. These are three essential activities for personal study:

1. Finalize your lecture notes. This means to review your notes. Compare it to course syllabus. If you missed a day, get notes from two classmates and compare those to fill in what you missed. Writing a general outline of the information covered since the last test is usually helpful in organizing new information.

2. Complete reading annotations. This means takes notes as you read. Typically, students believe that this means underlining or highlighting a main concept on a page. This will not be sufficient encoding- instead keep a separate notebook and write important ideas from just the text and your own questions about the information contained within.

3. Include a systematic review in study sessions. Systematic review is the process of moving info from your short term memory into long term storage. The more systematic reivew that you use, the easier it will be to remember information quickly and completely. This includes, but is not limited to accumulative review. That means that every time you study, you review what has been taught so far. By doing this prior to a new lecture or reading assignment, information will become solidified. This reduces "cramming time" and general test preparation time. If you have been reviewing systematically, test preparation will not increase anxiety or difficulty in recall any more than the average lecture or reading assignment. Performance time will be improved- it will take you less time to recall information learned.
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