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First Name:Alamanda

Age:18.75 (ha)

WVU (2005-2006)
SMC (2006-2007)
UCLA or USC (2007-2010)

Year in school: Freshman (as of Fall 2005)

Major: Communications

Minor: Not sure yet.

Extra Curriculars: Daily Athenaeum (student newspaper), Amateur Radio Club, Circle K Club.

Home town: Everywhere. (Wilmington, NC; Charleston, WV; NYC)

Favorite College Story: Don't really have any of those yet. The only college story I really have to tell is all the hassle I've had getting together information and gathering reliable resources.

Who is your favorite teacher/prof and why: Craig Dickenson of UCHS. He's the one that pushed me into going into what I really wanted to do with my life, instead of settling for something because of chances and more money.

So I did the little bio deal. :)

I was wondering if anyone knew of CampusDirt.com? If you do, do you know of any similar sites?

Or if you don't know of it, any sites that have a bunch of information about a large number of colleges? CampusDirt discusses many aspects of over 70,000 schools - but I don't want that to be my only resource.

Thanks for your time!
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