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First Name: Heather
Age: 21
College: Graduated from UMass Dartmouth in May; starting Carnegie-Mellon in the fall.
Year in school: 5th year/ 1st year grad student.
Major: B.A. English. My M.A. program will give me a degree in "Literary and Cultural Studies."
Minor: Anthropology.
Extra Curriculars: Reading, painting, writing, baking, college newspapers, napping, music, arguing with people, tennis, football, playing with my kitty, friends.
Home town: Fall River, MA.
Favorite College Story: Too many to plow through and just pick one! If I could think of one, working at the UMD paper and all the great people I met there would be a part of my favorite college story, I'm sure....doing the UNH McNair program in the summer of 2003 was also memorable.
Who is your favorite teacher/prof and why: Prof. Nelles because he had dropped out of high school, got his GED, was working as a truck driver, etc. etc., became a professor, and now he is the Dean of Arts and Sciences at UMD.
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