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Name: Laura
Age: 21 (just turned)
College: Guilford College in Greensboro, NC for undergrad. Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA for grad school.
Year in School: Did my undergrad in 3 years, am starting my MA this year.
Major: Psychology (I’m getting my master’s in social/cross-cultural psychology)
Minor: Women’s Studies
Extra Curriculars: While in undergrad: Student Government (VP for First Year Student Gov; Secretary for College Community Senate my senior year, member of Student Union for all three years), swimming, volunteer ESL tutor, did study abroad in London where I was an intern at the House of Commons. . . Don’t know yet for grad school – I start in two weeks.
Home town: San Bernardino, CA
Fav College Story: My undergrad school was super liberal and had lots of hippie students. When the college banned climbing trees due to insurance reasons, several students climbed the trees and refused to come down in protest.
Fav prof: My advisor for my minor was the head of the Women’s Studies dept. she helped me a lot after my grandmother passed away and always encouraged me to do independent projects of topics that interested me.
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