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College Girlz

a community for college girls only

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1. This community is specfically for college girls! It does not have open membership- NO BOYS ALLOWED.

2. You can send me a request to join if you are 16 years old or older and are in the process of applying for college, attending college or have graduated from a college program.

3. When making your first post you need to include the following information:

First Name:
College: (if u are not accepted into one yet, say "Interested in" and list the schools u are thinking about)
Year in school:
Extra Curriculars:
Home town:
Favorite College Story:
Who is your favorite teacher/prof and why:

Bold the questions so we can clearly read your answers!

4. treat everyone respectfully. no spam- that means promote somewhere else.

5. LJ Cut your first post with "I Am a College Girl" as the subject.

6. larksambience is the moderator for this community. If you have any problems or concerns, you are welcome to email her. She will respond within 48 hours. If she doesn't u can beat her to death. Lark "runs" another community called a_soap_box which is the perfect place for public rants. N Joy the drama.

7. We need Icons and Promotion Stamps. The most creative each month will be used for promotion purposes during that month. If no new ones are created, old ones will default.

8. encourage other females to join. no males will be accepted.

9. i reserve the right to make or change rules, but i will always give 48 hours notice before they take effect.

"Sister" Community college_place